Wednesday Open Match 8th June 2016, Top Lake

Top Kit Dennis is victorious this week with 150lb of silvers…

Den Lip 2016
Dennis Lipscombe, Oakwood Angling, peg 36, 153-4-0


Not know to fish the long pole Dennis opted for the short pole again and meat just off the inner shelf margin, a huge weight again from the top lake of silver fish and the back up weights weren’t to shabby either.

  • Darren Bates, Lake John Fishery, peg 26, 138-8-0
  • John Nippress, Lake John Fishery, peg 38, 108-8-0
  • Ernie McGregor, Brunswick Brothers, peg 32, 92-8-0
  • Geoff Penny, Hollow Angling, peg 11, 86-12-0
  • Rob Dean, Hollow Angling, peg 33, 82-8-0

14 Fished