Wednesday Open Match 8th July 2015, Top Lake

Master of the the long pole Lipscombe grabs a mid summer victory and weighed in during a cloud burst, don’t you just love the British summer…

Lipscombe record haul 158lb 4.7.2015
Dennis Lipscombe, Oakwood Angling, peg 38, 132-0-0


Know for not fishing to far Dennis just keeps it simple just like himself and feeds the 5m line he steadily trickles meat or corn at the float no reinventing the wheel for the Enfield man who boosts being the Hooked champion back in the day when moustaches were fashionable, breams and fish various was just enough to beat the GOT baits maestro Roy Makins, congratulations Den even though you are irritating lol……

  • Roy Makins, GOT Baits, peg 36, 107-8–0
  • Mark Parris, Lake John-Hollow Angling, peg 18, 105-0-0
  • Bill Everitt, Redbridge Lakes, peg 8, 97-0-0
  • Paul Solen, Lake John-Hollow Angling, peg 30, 91-0-0
  • Ken Farrell, Lake John Fishery, peg 34,86-0-017 Fished