Wednesday Open Match 30th September 2015, Top Lake

Top Kit Lip does it again with his meat on the short line…

dennis lipscombe peg 38
Dennis Lipscombe, Oakwood Angling, peg 38, 61-8-0


Autumn is fast approaching us as the leaves on the willow trees are turning brown and the fish appear to have moved out into slightly deeper water, well that’s for most people Dennis stuck to his guns and with 8mm cubes of meat on a slow sinking tiny waggle on his top kit he made it work, but it only happen for him in the last hour, how’s your luck Den

  • Darren Bates, Lake John Fishery, peg 9, 59-0-0
  • Alan Luetchford, Bill’s Tackle, peg 8, 56-4-0, golden peg
  • Trevor Stanley, Lake John Fishery, peg 30, 47-4-0
  • Bill Everitt, Redbridge Lakes, peg 26, 35-8-0 jnt
  • Bob Davis, Browning, peg 3, 35-8-0 jnt
  • Darren Woodwood, Lake John Fishery, peg 32, 34-12-0

19 Fished