Wednesday Open Match 30th December 2015, Top Lake

Yet another battering from the wind meant pole presentation was going to be impossible…

Stuart Bracey New years eve, eve 30.12.15
Stuart Bracey, Shimano-Dynamite Baits, peg 12, 37-8-0, Golden peg

Stuart returns to the venue after a break of about 18 months and draws in a great area on the right hand bank, but the one factor you couldn’t allow for was the strength of the wind, this was a problem for 80% of the anglers today, Stuart started on the tip with a 12 inch hook length and a grain of corn to the hook for a very slow response but a change to a bunch of dead maggots with an open end feeder filled with micro’s and plugged with ground bait had an instant result, ignoring the fact Lake John is a reputable silver fish venue Stu turns into a carp angler and landed four knicks all the golden peg money, what a cheat and his mate Nigel Swallow next to him, give you a tip chaps don’t rock up and bag loads of carp on your first visit in god knows when and expect to be popular……lol, great to see Mr Bracey again, bloody cheat and golden peg thief.

  • Nigel Swallow, Lake John Fishery, peg 13, 29-8-0
  • Gary Miller, Maver-Image, peg 10, 28-4-0
  • Martin Amos, Lake John Fishery, peg 31, 28-0-0
  • Paul Hyde, Browning-Wickford, peg 36, 24-8-0
  • Andy Leather, Browning-Hot Rods, peg 18, 20-0-0

23 Fished