Wednesday Open Match 2nd September 2015, Top Lake


Andy Oldham gives the local lads a fishing lesson on his first visit to the venue…

Andy Oldham 2.9.2015
Andy Oldham, Frenzee-Bait Tech, peg 10, 90-8-0


With the Drennan Knockout semi round the corner, Andy set off on a 2.5 hour journey from home to suss the place out for the big day which is only two weeks away, so this wasn’t a bad start as he drew a fair peg and with the worm and ground bait idea set firmly in his mind he took the percentage angle on the match and caught everything in the peg at 8m and walks away todays champion by the narrowest margin of 1lb, the nets was rammed full of silver fish, not a carp in site, a great result for the new boy on the block, great result today well done Andy

  • Darren Bates, Lake John Fishery, peg 26, 89-8-0
  • Dennis Lipscombe, Oakwood Angling, peg 85-0-0
  • Mark Parris, Lake John-Hollow Angling, peg 38, 81-0-0
  • Bob Davis, Browning, peg 3, 66-4-0
  • Paul Solen, Lake John-Hollow Angling, peg 36, 63-4-0

    15 Fished