Wednesday Open Match 2nd December 2015, Top Lake

Farrell wagglers his way to a golden peg victory, well come back King of the waggle Kenny…

ken farrell 011Ken Farrell, Lake John-Browning, peg 13, 47-8-0

Not been the kindest of years for our Ken as he remembers the first anniversary of the passing of his wife Jan, and understandably all his fishing has been put on the back burner that is until now, one of the finest waggler anglers to ever fish Lake John Fishery, Ken pumped up his 6mm expander pellets and fed the fish like it was a summers day, big pouches of pellet every put in got the fish in the mood for food, these mild conditions are ideal for a positive approach, skimmers and breams

  • Colin Horwood, Harrow Herons, peg 8, 34-4-0
  • Gordon Bullock, Redbridge Lakes, peg 3, 32-8-0
  • Trevor Stanley, Lake John Fishery, peg 36, 30-8-0
  • Steve Crawley, Redbridge Lakes, peg 34, 28-4-0
  • Bill Everitt, Redbridge-Lake John, peg 38, 26-12-0

12 Fished