Wednesday Open Match 27th May 2015, Top Lake

Browning-Hot Rod Andy Leathers saves the golden peg this week by a 1lb margin you have to concentrate all match chaps or it will cost …..

Andy Leathers 26th may 2015
Andy Leathers, Browning-Hot Rods, peg 26, 141-0-0

It looked like another golden peg was going to tumble this week as Roy Makins was the third to weight in and it looked like no-one on the match was going to get even close to 140lb that Roy put on the scales but when we got to the back of the lake the Browning man Mr Leathers said to me on the quiet that he thought he could push it close and how right was he, back to the venue now for a couple of weeks after a long spell away Andy has been close on occasions but today fishing no further out than 6m on meat and a second line down the left hand margin on corn Andy just kept switching and very unassumingly put together what was to be a golden peg stopping performance, proper skimmers and bream along with one carp and a couple of tench Andy just kept the peg flowing and what a match as the top six all smash the 100 lb barrier, these competitions just get better and better, you snooze you lose here, 100% effort or it will cost ya a place or five…..

Roy Makins, GOT Baits, peg 10, 140-0-0, golden peg
Steve Clark. Maver-Image, peg 14, 119-12-0
Glen Butler, Maver-Marukyu-Angling Direct, peg 34, 112-0-0
Mark Parris, Lake John-Hollow Angling, peg 8, 107-12-0
Darren Bates, Lake John Fishery, peg 32, 102-8-0
17 Fished