Wednesday Open Match 21st October 2015, Top Lake

Golden pegs were plentiful today so there was a high chance of it going this week and yep it was won by Prestons Jason Collins

jason collins 2015
Jason Collins, Preston, peg 33, 145-4-0


So Jay Collins rocks up with father and son Harold and a grin on his face all pleased to see me and i promptly reminded him he has been here for 5 years and what is he grinning for, anyway loads of micky taking about how he has aged terribly, we had to get down to the business of sorting the draw out, three golden pegs were draw and JC draws bang on the best peg in the world peg 33, bringing his Tylers Common skills to the venue Jason potted corn down the edge at 13m towards the boat house and snared 15 carp up to 16lb, proving that for a well established silver fish venue it has still got a huge head of big carp, a great performance from the Preston rod and a nice pocket full of dosh see you in another five years Jay, nice smile didn’t realise you had teeth you should show them more often they are in quite good order, great result JC

  • Trevor Stanley, Lake John Fishery, peg 37, 66-4-0
  • Gordon Bullock, Redbridge Lakes, peg 14, 48-0-0
  • Darren Bates, Lake John Fishery, peg 36, 46-4-0
  • Steve Harwood, Drennan-Oxford, peg 32, 44-0-0
  • Ross Harold, Matrix, peg 3, 37-8-0

16 Fished