Wednesday Open Match 20h April 2016, Top Lake

Another match and another ton of silver fish….

trevor stanley golden peg 2015
Trevor Stanley, Lake John Fishery, peg 8, 100-0-0


Trevor started the match today on the popped up bread and had a steady run of fish on a line that doesn’t always produce especially in the open water, the longer 11m pole line produced a few fish also feeding was controlled so as not to attract the carp, but in was the 5m line loose feeding meat that was the most productive, big jumping bream and plenty of em, great days sport Trevski…

  • Martin Amos, Lake John-Oakwood, peg 26, 96-12-0
  • John Elderigde, Redbridge Lakes, peg 9, 83-4-0
  • Roy Makins, GOT Baits, peg 38, 80-0-0
  • S.George, Lake John Fishery, peg 36, 79-8-0
  • Bill Everitt, Lake John-Redbridge, peg 13, 76-12-0

19 Fished