Wednesday Open Match 16th September 2015, Top Lake

The week the open match was postponed as we hosted the Drennan semi final on what was to be the wettest day of the year, and with some of the top names on the bank it was anyones match…

Drennan finalist 2015 wet as heck  tom scholy and me during the kiss   ,
Tom Scholey, Pole Fishing magazine, peg 14, 114-0-0


As the whistle blew the clouds opened and the rain fell and it did not let off all match this has been a great event until now so how would the semi final hold up under these conditions well it was surprisingly well and it was Tom’s day as an early carp on the long pole led into a second within an hour of the first this was a dream start from a great peg on the day, the worm and ground bait has been the trend over the past few weeks and Tom followed suit, skimmers and even tench where in the final catch, great lads the lot of ya, and another close match where one fish could have sent anyone threw to the final at Docklow Pools, go team Tom go…

  • Matt Derry, Sensas, peg 9, 109-0-0
  • yrone Hull, Drennan-Borden, peg 13, 90-4-0
  • Peter Goodman, Bag em match baits, peg 30, 88-8-0
  • Lee Edwards, ABC Baits-Garbolino, peg 39, 88-0-0
  • Simon Wilsmore, Drennan-D+A Tackle, peg 32, 86-0-0
  • Andy North, Garbolino-Orsett, peg 11, 85-12-0
  • Kian Wardle, Garbolino, peg 33, 85-0-0
  • Danny Grimsey, Maver-Image, peg 26, 84-0-0
  • Darren Davis, Drennan, peg 36, Drennan, 84-0-0
  • Andy Oldham, Frenzee-Bait Tech, peg 28, 78-0-0
  • Jason Cunningham, Shakespere-Super team, peg 34, 74-0-0
  • Dan Varney, Drennan, peg 38, 70-12-0
  • Matt Parkin, Marix-Dynamite-Garbolino, peg 10, 64-0-0
  • Jason Le Bosquet, Garbolino-Bait tech, peg 16, DNW

15 Fished