Wednesday Open Match 16th December 2015, Top Lake

Three wins in three for Kenny (the waggler) Farrell

ken farrell 9.12.2015
Ken Farrell, Lake John-Browning, peg 9, 38-8-0


Our old mate Ken has had a bit of a tuff year as i have said before but he seems to be on a bit of a recovery with this 3rd victory in a row, all on the 6mm expander pellet all on the waggler, skimmers and this week five tench were in the mix, another great performance from the Browning veteran ace, Ken and his winter league partner Andy (bonkers) Greggors look in good shape for the winter series

  • Colin Bartlett, Lake John-Drennan, peg 29, 35-4-0
  • Martin Amos, Angling Direct, peg 10, 31-8-0
  • Chris Vandervleit, Drennan-Bait Tech, peg 27, 30-0-0
  • Dave Flanagan, Lake John Fishery, peg 3, 27-4-0
  • Jonny Harper, Lake John-Drennan, peg 38, 25-8-0

19 Fished