Wednesday Open Match 15th July 2015, Top Lake

Ben Coss slips a day of work to slip a cheeky 1st place and stop the golden peg in the process, well done partner! ….

 ben coss 2 15.7.2015
Ben Coss, Lake John Fishery, peg 18, 112-8-0


Now if i know Ben this would not have been the sort of draw he would have fancied not having a chuck to the island but this area has had a run of fish in the last few weeks so its not one to turn your nose up at, Ben has always questioned how he should feed here and from judging from todays performance he now knows you have got to fill it in, starting the match at 11m and easing his way into a cruve it was the shorter 6m line that was the banker, corn to the hook and plenty of topping up, my winter league partner of two years ago was enjoying catching big tench and bream with a bonus carp, he even lost a carp at the net which he thought was going to cost him, how wrong he was well done today Benny Boy, top man….

Open match on Sunday 26th July text me to book on 07958 938 153 only a few tickets left

  • Ken Farrell, Lake John Fishery, peg 36, 104-8-0, golden peg
  • Mark Parris, Lake John-Hollow Angling, peg 13, 104-0-0
  • Steve Barnett, Redbridge Lakes, peg 38, 102-12-0
  • Darren Baits, Lake John Fishery, peg 10, 97-0-0
  • Dennis Lipscombe, Oakwood Angling, peg 39, 94-8-0

    20 Fished