Wednesday Open 20th May 2015, Top Lake

Well summer will probably join us some time soon but Darren Bates still managed a ton plus of fish and on a golden peg even though the weather is still toilet…..

Darren Bates 20th may 2015
Darren Bates, Lake John Fishery, peg 33, 111-12-0, golden peg


Sticking to the job in hand each week Darren finally had a big payday as he scopes a win on a golden peg, well if your going to have a win then why not do it on a golden peg, only two lines 6m down the left hand margins tight to the rushes and then when that dried up it was a second line straight out in front at 5m, corn over micro pellet dangled a good haul of silvers but there were three carp all under the 10lb allowance, a great result on a day where its still a bit cold and the fish still haven’t really got round to spawning.

Roy Makins, GOT Baits, peg 8, 90-0-0
Steve Clark, Maver-Image, peg 34, 89-12-0
Mark Parris, Lake John-Hollow Angling, peg 30, 82-0-0
Matthew Hart, Hollow Angling, peg 26, 79-4-0
John Nippress, Lake John Fishery, 9, 76-0-0

17 Fished