Sunday 5th February 2017, Lake John – Drennan – winter League round 3

We have had two weeks of shocking weather since the last round and then a lift in temperature on the lead up to this round so the hopes were high and a few fish should be caught

Chris vandervliet rd3 5.2.2017
Chris Vandervliet, Drennan-Bait Tech, peg 41, peg 29-8-0, 28pts


Chris drew a peg that you would of least wanted to fish today this peg only goes in when its a full house and as the whistle blew Chris fished the peg like it was any other good peg and with a generous amount a feed to start to entice a few fish into the peg and it was the shorter 6m line that came up trumps along with the odd margin fish catching on maggot and caster over ground bait, so all in all a good league round for him and his partner Geoff Penny.

Darren Bates, Lake John, peg 14, 26-4-0, 25pts
Paul Hyde, Browning-Wickford, peg 18, 24-12-0, 24pts
Ken Farrell, Lake John, peg 12, 18-0-0, 23pts
Geoff Penny, Hollow Angling, peg 10, 22-8-0, 22pts
Joe Lonergan, Harrow Herons, peg 32, 20-8-0, 21pts

Open the link below for league positions and points

Lake John league points