Sunday 24th January 2016, Lake John – Drennan – winter League round 4

First match after a complete ice over and it has caught a few people out as to how well it has fished and it was a close match at the top with top four netting 30lb bags

Tony Cassidy 24.1.2016

Tony Cassidy, Maver-Image, peg 12, 38-0-0, 28pts


Tony drew last weeks section winning peg and had a decent de-brief from Bob Jarvis section winner before the match and took all the necessary artillery that he needed to the peg like any good angler would, long pole bulk feeding micro pellet with a juicy 4mm expander on the hook, Tony fished the peg long at 14.5m and also caught past the feed, proper fish, you know them big splashy ones that you drop in your kept that you just cant keep quiet, all these fish were assisted by his very own “surpurb”, new pellet float range, Tony’s words not mine, however they are good, you are a star just like your little sister…….well done mate

Gary Miller, Maver-Image-Bait Tech, peg 30, 36-8-0, 27pts
Andy Gregory, Dernnan-Borden, peg 33, 33-0-0, 26pts
Paul Grant, Lake John-Redbridge, peg 36, 30-0-0, 25pts
Geoff Lockwood, South London Angling, peg 9, 29-0-0, 24pts
Chris Vandervleit, Drennan-Bait Tech, peg 35, 28-12-0, 23pts
Paul Solen, Lake John-Hollow Angling, peg 10, 27-12-0, 22pts
Bob Jarvis, Lake John Fishery, peg 31, 26-8-0, 21pts
Simon Willsmore, Drennan-D+A Tackle, peg 4, 23-0-0, 20pts
Joe Lonergan, Harrow Herons, peg 34, 21-8-0, 19pts
Ken Farrell, Lake John Fishery, peg 37, 19-8-0, 18pts
Colin Horwood, Harrow Herons, peg 13, 18-4-0, 17pts
Tony Mayers, South London Angling, peg 38, 17-12-0, 16pts
Bill Everitt, Lake John-Redbridge, peg 18, 14-8-0, 15pts
Dicky Carr, Drennan, peg 39, 12-12-0, 14pts, standing in for Ben Coss(get well soon mate)
Keith Needham, Harrow Postals, peg 7, 11-6-0, 13pts
Rob Dean, Lake John Fishery, peg 3, 11-0-0, 12pts
Darren Bates, Lake John Fishery, peg 8, 10-12-0, 11pts
Colin Bartlett, Lake John-Drennan, peg 28, 10-8-0, 10pts
Scott Clark, Lake John-Oakwood, peg 29, 9-8-0, 9pts jnt
Martin Amos, Lake John-Angling Direct, peg 27, 9pts jnt
Paul Hyde, Browning-Wickford, peg 16, 8-12-0, 7pts
Trevor Stanley, Lake John Fishery, peg 41, 8-0-0, 6pts
Gary McClair, Hollow Angling, peg 14, 7-12-0, 5pts
Gary Hodges, Lake John-Wizard Baits, peg 32, 7-0-0, 4pts
Darren Clark, Lake John-Oakwood, peg 26, 6-4-0, 3pts
Graham Baker, Hollow Angling, peg 2, 5-8-0, 2pts
Geof Penny, Hollow Angling, peg 11, 4-10-0, 1pt

28 fished

Pairs and there places
Andy Gregory 20,25,15,26 – Ken Farrell 25,23,27,18 Total 179pts
Tony Cassidy 18,27,21,28 – Scott Clark 13,12,6,9 Total 134pts
Paul Solen 8,28,26,22 – Rob Dean 15,15,7,12 Total 133pts
Simon Willsmore 21,14,23,20 – Joe Lonergan 5,18,819 Total 128pts
Colin Horwood 27,20,10,17 – Keith Needham 5,16,16,13 Total 124pts
Bob Jarvis 28,10,18,21 – Geoff Lockwood 7,8,5,24 Total 121pts
Paul Grant 22,1,12,25 – Trevor Stanley 16,3,28,6 Total 114pts
Paul Hyde 17,10,13,7 – Gary Hodges 25,12,25,4 Total 113pts
Martin Amos 26,26,9,9 – Tony Mayers 5,2,17,16 Total 112pts
Gary McClair 10,24,14,5 – Darren Bates 19,6,22,11 Total 111pts
Gary Miller 9,22,24,27 – Ben Coss 7,5,4,14 Total 109,pts
Colin Bartlett 11,21,21,10 – Darren Clark 14,7,2,3 Total 89pts
Chris Vandervleit 23,4,12,23 – Graham Baker 1,19,3,2 Total 87pts
Bill Everitt 12,17,19,15 – Geoff Penny 2,13,1,1 Total 80pts