Sunday 13th March 2016, Bottom Lake spring league.

4 qualifying matches and then a final, top 4 from each round qualify, Keith Cross secures his place in the final in two weeks time with an impressive 40lb

Keith Cross 13.3.2016
Keith Cross, Edmonton and Tottenham, peg 14, 40-8-0, Q

Keith got the job done this week with a tidy win and with only two more qualifying rounds left its putting a few of the regular faces under pressure to qualify for the all banter final in three weeks time, Keith adopted the micro kinder pot approach and kept rotating his lines keeping the match tidy and under control at all times, good effort mate, Big Ricky (last years winner and self named KING JOHN) must be trembling as he failed to qualify this week, lol

  • Gary Neale, Edmonton and Tottenham, peg 5, 37-0-0, Q
  • Mick Neal, Roman Urn, peg 8, 29-14-0
  • Danny Fells, Roman Urn, peg 3, 23-0-0, Q
  • Gripper, Roman Urn, peg 12, 18-12-0
  • Kevin Hodges, Roman Urn, peg 7, 17-0-0

16 fished