Saturday 20th February 2016, Bottom Lake

Wet and windy and just not very nice but below the water the fish were “aveing it”, big time…

Kevin O'Brien 20.2.16 peg 12 bottom lake
Kevin O’Brien, Lake John Fishery, peg 12, 66-0-0

Kevin doesn’t much fancy fishing in the wind as a rule but an early run of fish helped him get over his fobia of the wind, this peg does get a little bit of cover when its blowing through so Kevin got his thinking cap on and fish the pellet down the track early on and had a look up the margins late on for a bonus carp or two

  • Roy Stanley, Lake John Fishery, peg 22, 39-8-0
  • Roy Makins, GOT Baits, peg 10, 39-0-0
  • Paul Hyde, Browning-Wickford, peg 16, 38-0-0
  • Cal Randall, Lake John Fishery, peg 8, 32-0-0
  • Martin Amos, Angling Direct, peg 6, 31-8-0

12 fished