Sunday 8th Febuary top lake

It’s a double win weekend for Browning-Wickford ace Paul Hyde….

Paul Hyde, Browning-Wickford, peg 12, 35-4-0


Paul romped to victory yesterday on the bottom lake and had a 14lb clear margin today so all in all not a bad weekend, so what a difference a week is because in last week’s 3rd round Paul could only manage 2pts and was in fact joint last on the match, so just when you think you have got this fishing malarkey sussed in bites you clean in the arse, this weekend Paul licked last week’s wounds clean, starting today on the maggot and groundbait at 15m and within the first hour got a groove on and with a switch to pellet in the second half of the match Paul lead the match from the first whistle, I took the micky out of his hat yesterday and rightly so but today he gets nothing but praise, top man, a good job well done

  • Mick Scanlan, Oakwood Angling, peg 10, 21-0-0
  • Martin Amos, Angling Direct, peg 37, 19-12-0
  • Gary McClair, Hollow Angling, peg 14, 18-12-0
  • Nick Dark, GOT Baits, peg 38, 17-8-0
  • Billy Everitt, Redbridhe Lakes, peg 41, 16-10-0
  • 24 Fished