Sunday 15th January 2017, Lake John – Drennan – winter League round 2

80% ice over knocked the weights back, we forget sometimes how hard it can be to catch a few fish in the winter, Farrell takes the win today but only just

ken farrell 9.12.2015
Ken Farrell, Lake John Fishery, peg 33, 16-12-0, 28pts


Its fished just about as hard as i can ever remember but Farrell left the waggler in the bag and opted to fish the pole basically because that was all he could do due to huge ice coverage, a steady five hour plod through his extensive angling knowledge kept him ahead of the of the field today in this second round of the Drennan winter league, maggot to the hook over a bed of ground bait caught everything that was feeding in the peg, well done Ken

Geoff Penny, Hollow Angling, peg 8, 16-8-0, 27pts
Chris Vandervliet, Drennan-Bait Tech, peg 2, 13-12-0, 26pts
Rob Dean, Hollow Angling, peg 35, 12-8-0, 25pts jnt
Simon Willsmore, Spotted Fin, peg 41, 25pts jnt
Trevor Stanley, Lake John Fishery, peg 38, 10-0-0, 23pts

Joe Lonergan, 9-0-0, 22pts
Bob Jarvis, 9-0-0, 22pts
Andy Gregory, 9-0-0, 22pts
Tony Cassidy, 8-0-0, 19pts
Tony Mayers, 7-10-0, 18pts
Paul Hyde, 7-4-0, 17pts
Paul Grant, 7-4-0, 17pts
Geoff Lockwood, 6-8-0, 15pts
Gary McClair, 6-2-0, 14pts
Bill Everitt, 6-0-0, 13pts
Gary Miller, 5-12-0, 12pts
Scott Clark, 5-12-0, 12pts
Dicky Carr, 5-8-0, 10pts standing in for Graham Baker
Colin Horwood, 5-0-0, 9pts
Keith Needham, 4-8-0, 8pts
Darren Bates, 4-8-0, 8pts
Paul Solen, 3-0-0, 6pts
Gary Hodges, 2-12-0, 5pts
Ben Coss, 2-8-0, 4pts
Martin Amos, 1-12-0, 3pts
Darren Clark, 1-8-0, 2pts
Colin Bartlett, 0-4-0, 1pt

Pairs and there places
Bill Everitt 27pts,13pts – Rob Dean 26pts,25pts Total 91pts
Simon Willsmore 23pts25pts – Geoff Lockwood 16pts,15pts Total 79pts
Chris Vandervliet 20pts,26pts – Geoff Penny 4pts,27pts Total 77pts
Paul Grant 24pts,17pts – Trevor Stanley 12pts,23pts Total 76pts
Andy Gregory 25pts,22pts – Joe Lonergan 4pts,22pts Total 73pts
Martin Amos 22pts,3pts – Ken Farrell 15pts,28pts Total 68pts
Gary McClair 21pts,14pts – Keith Needham 17pts,8pts Total 60pts
Paul Solen 28pts,6pts – Tony Mayers 6pts,18pts Total 58pts
Gary Miller 19pts,12pts – Scott Clark 14pts,12pts Total 57pts
Bob Jarvis 7pts,22pts – Darren Bates 18pts,8pts Total 55pts
Tony Cassidy 13pts,19pts – Ben Coss 2pts,4pts Total 38pts
Colin Horwood 9pts,9pts – Gary Hodges 10pts,5pts Total 33pts
Paul Hyde 8pts,17pts – Darren Clark 1pt,2pts Total 28pts
Colin Bartlett 5pts,1pt – Graham Baker 11pts,10pts Total 27pts